David Haines Jr.


David is a talented and dynamic drummer who has been in control of the hammer and the thunder since he was eleven years old. He is a Winchester, Virginia area native and supports all his local musician friends.

David keeps the time for RGP and prefers to approach his role as a compliment to his band mates instead of just creating the rhythm. Joined with Tommy Doss, he makes the backline strong and steady for RGP. He has played in many different types of bands and really enjoys the path that he is taking now. David also performed with Lisa in Nocturnal Ascent. He has so many influences and favorites there are too many to mention.

Along with all the other members of RGP, David strongly believes that music is a never ending learning experience and a journey well worth taking. He will always be pushing and striving to be the best he can and he does that with everyone else’s best interest at heart.