Randy Gardner


Randy is an extremely awesome talent to hear, watch and meet. He has earned his position with the most accomplished guitarists in this area. Randy definitely has his own style and combines that with a sound and tone that many search a lifetime for. He is a Virginia native and will always call Virginia home and that passion lies deep rooted in family history throughout the state. Randy lives by a great work ethic, loves his property and enjoys the wildlife that surrounds his home. Randy is a mentor, as humble as they come and loves to chat. It’s getting him to take a breath that is sometimes tough to do!

There are many great local and regional bands that Randy has been a great asset to. He has performed at many venues including the Ritz in New York. Randy toured the west once with an original country band, yes country! His influences are extensive and his favorites list is far too large to mention. A good ear can pick out some of these influences when listening to his solos. One thing is for sure, he takes a path less traveled and his licks prove that.

Randy is the leader of RGP and shares all aspects of band management with his fellow musicians. His passion is playing live while engaging the audience with his style and stage presence. The CatBox Theater studio is located on Randy’s property and serves home to RGP as well as a base for concerts for charity. He supports his fellow local musicians regularly. Randy truly is a light that shines for many and with that in mind, you’ll see that when you catch him perform!