RGP gets a visit from Ken Ma of KAM photography!

Ken is one of the best live photographers around and his shots prove it! RGP was blessed to have him at a recent gig and WOW! Please check his page out KAM Photography to see all the groups he has covered!419174_660087834007610_1061002889_n 600401_660086997341027_1439337508_n 601937_660087714007622_1762054093_n 602345_660088667340860_957944033_n 968897_660087637340963_1425205575_n 971085_660597800623280_777219863_n 988654_660088567340870_1892675895_n 999102_660597713956622_1940354998_n 1000538_660088177340909_653243357_n